Michigan Farmworker Population

Michigan Farmworker Enumerations

2006 Enumeration

2013 Enumeration Update


H-2A Program in Michigan 

H-2A Program Data and Job List by Year

The H-2A Program allows agricultural employers to bring foreign workers into the United States on a visa that is conditional on the worker's employment for that employer; however, U.S. workers can apply for and fill positions posted through the H-2A Program. In fact, qualified U.S. workers have a right to jobs in the H-2A program. Therefore, H-2A Program Data does not indicate the number of foreign workers in Michigan in a given year but the number of employers and jobs certified through the H-2A Program. 


Michigan Department of Civil Rights Reports

2010 Michigan Civil Rights Commission: Report on Farmworker Conditions

2013 Progress Report

2014 Progress Report


Farmworkers in Michigan

Research Report No. 59 - by Julian Samora Research Institution - August 2017

This report provides an overview of the occupational lives of migrant and seasonal farmworkers to promote awareness of the many challenges they face on Michigan's farms and across the nation.