Farmworker Calendar

The 2022-2023 Calendars are available for distribution! Every year we update the legal content and distribute our calendars to farmworkers and to our community partners, who help us get them in the hands of farmworkers and their families. Our calendars contain useful information on a broad range of topics that affect farmworkers and their families (including employment related matters, immigration, access to benefits, etc.). If you provide services to farmworkers and would like to help distribute our calendars, please fill out the FLS/MIRC Farmworker Calendar Request Form at this link. It should take less than 3 minutes to complete. You can fill out the form multiple times, if you would like to make separate requests for different events/locations or pick ups. If you have any questions, please email our Outreach Coordinator, Azeneth Rodriguez, at

Thank you for your help distributing this information. We hope you find it helpful!

Click on a calendar to view it in PDF format. These are large files, so they may take a minute to load.