Client Advocacy

Our Services

FLS represents immigrant, migrant, and seasonal farmworkers throughout the state of Michigan in cases related to their agricultural employment or status as an immigrant or agricultural worker. For example:

  • Labor trafficking
  • Wages disputes (Payments below the required hourly minimum wage, Failure to pay wages when due, Unpaid bonuses, Unlawful deductions or kickbacks)
  • Discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Violations of an employment contract or working arrangement
  • Recruitment or crew-leader problems
  • Unsafe working conditions (Pesticide exposure; Inadequate toilet, hand washing facilities, or drinking water in the fields)
  • Unemployment
  • Unsafe housing conditions, evictions, threatened evictions
  • Evictions, threatened evictions, Lock-outs, Housing
  • Civil rights abuses
  • Immigration (victims of certain crimes)

FLS also provides technical assistance and referrals to farmworkers with cases involving public benefits, food assistance, medicaid, workers' compensation, immigration, and other civil legal needs.

We are happy to share examples of our clients' stories (with their permission) and the successful advocacy that our staff has accomplished on our Facebook page. Follow us there!